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Trine 2 early-access-beta ! Review-ish.

Thats a very nice blog you have there…It would be a shame if something were to                                                                                   happen to it ! 

Do you like my new background ? Well, thats irrelevant…The real question is, does                                                            IT like YOU !

Oh, we’re here for “Trine 2” ! You know, you and me…Just the two of us. Alone. Are we getting naked, or not ? Think about it…Right, “Trine 2” !

"Trine 2" ! The sequel to "Trine", which was clearly a triumph…Im even making a note here, huge success. According to wikipedia and the guys from "Frozenbyte", "Trine" sold approximately 400,000 copies across all platforms ! It was only a matter of time for them to make a sequel.

Just like its predecessor, “Trine 2” is a side-scrolling-action-oriented-puzzle game ! Now say that three times fast ! “Trine 2” takes place in a magical world, filled with vivid colors and spectacular settings. Thats right, you no longer need that marijuana you keep in the top left drawer. Give this game a chance, and you will be vomiting rainbows in no time ! If you thought the first game was beautiful, “Trine 2” will just blow you away.

There is a great variety of puzzles and challenges in the game. In Single Player, you can choose between three characters at any given time, depending on the situation you are in. The well known “Thief”, “Knight” and “Wizard” are here once more ! Yes, i was hoping to see “Wolverine”, “Sonic” and “Olivia Wilde” too, but i guess we’ll have to wait for “Trine 3”…There is also a Co-Op mode which allows  three players to play in simultaneous cooperative mode ! Choose your friends wisely ! Actually, just don’t choose the stupid ones. People invented “Call of Duty” for a reason !

You can grab the game on Steam for 12.99$ ! It is one of the prettiest side-scrollers i have ever laid my eyes on. 

Mists of Kung-fu Pandaria ! (now with more pokemon)

Long time no blog ! Does anyone read these anyway ? I mean, besides my mother…She loves everything i do. Alright, new WoW expansion ! I just had to express my thoughts on it somewhere. And since that random guy on the bus didn’t want to listen to me, ill do it here. Eat yourself, random guy !

So, you are a major fan of Kung-fu Panda ? You want to be the very best, like no one ever was ? Then “Mists of Pandaria”, the new WoW expansion is just the thing you’re looking for !

The  fourth expansion for World of Warcraft will be released in Q2 2012. It introduces a new “neutral” race called the “Pandaren”.  They are basically vicious-kung fu-sword-wielding pandas walking on two legs. Just like real life pandas ! Oh come on, you’ve never seen a panda IRL…The so called “neutral” race is only neutral until you reach level 10. Once you do that, you must choose a faction. Dont know about you, but that makes me a sad panda. But hey, we get to play as the new “Monk” class ! Now is the time to save the name “Po” for your future character. What about a noodle-cooking profession ? Everything is possible.
 ”Mists of Pandaria” also introduces new mechanics such as the pet-battle system ! Based on information from an unreliable source, Poke-Centers wil be added to each starting zone. Ask for “Professor Oak” when you enter one.  Your useless vanity pets will now level up and develop their own abilities. You will also be able to add more pets to your collection. In addition to purchasing pets or getting them as item drops, you can now also encounter and capture vanity pets in the wild ! Your must defeat them first,  and then you can capture them ! Does it sound familiar ?
*cough*Ash Ketchum liked Pokemon before it was mainstream*cough*

That about sums it up folks. What do you think about the new expansion ? Will you play it ? Do you want Jack Black to be the voice actor for the pandas ? Or…thats just me ? Yeah, it probably is.

Bill S.978 (Copyright Madness)

Bill S.978

Or as some people call it - “Judgement day" ! (mostly youtubers)

The end of the internetz is called “Bill S.978”. Its a bill thats being voted on in the US congress at this very moment ! It is basically a new “law” which prohibits the use of copyrighted material on the internet. Everything from short and simple video clips and pictures of movies/tv shows to your sister’s embarrassing karaoke sessions of a copyrighted song that she posted on Youtube. U can actually go to jail up to 5 years for this…

The ones who will suffer the most ? Probably half of Youtube’s community.

If they pass this bill, many Youtubers will be screwed ! Video games are considered “copyrighted material” too (surprise, surprise!) . People hosting channels like “IGN”, “MACHINIMA” and “GAMETRAILERS” will die a painful death. U will no longer be able to stream footage of a video game at all, unless u have exclusive permission from the copyright holder of the product. And we all know that wont happen…Come on, YOU only have 6 subscribers !

In my honest opinion, many of the popular games these days wouldn’t be anywhere near as popular as they are today, if it wasn’t for Youtube and its community. Take Minecraft for example…Youtube channels like “BlueXephos” and “SeaNanners” are promoting this game by just playing it. Im pretty sure they will get their “exclusive permission from the copyright holder” if this bill passes…Y’know why ? Because it is a successful promotion that helps sales ! Would you buy Minecraft if u knew nothing about it ? If u hadn’t seen it on Youtube first ? Yeah, i thought so

SOLUTION : Build a secret base somewhere in Japan cuz they have realistic female robots, and host a youtube-clone site where everyone can upload whatever they want ! And the US congress can kiss our asses ! If u ask - “Why do we need the realistic female robots?”, u are not invited.

Anyway, Hollywood is obviously butthurt. We are just suffering the consequences  
    ( Here’s the bill )

                      Am i going to jail for using this avatar now ? Oh no !

Sean Bean Stabbed In Bar Brawl !

Two Sean Bean-related blogs in one day…Winter is coming !

Turns out that Sean Bean is as BADASS IRL as he is in Game of Thrones !
Some guy stabbed Bean in the arm with a piece of broken glass in front of a bar…Instead of seeking medical attention, HE ORDERED ANOTHER DRINK !

Afterwards, he carried the guy’s sorry ass all the way to Mount Doom and threw him inside the lava…Yes, he tackled a bear and bitchslapped Chuck Norris on the way there.

Tough week for both Ned Stark and Sean Bean. I bet the attacker was a Lanister !
                     (check out my previous blog for thoughts on episode 9)

Game of Thrones

                                THEY CAN’T AFFORD SEAN BEAN !!! *cries in a corner*

 One does not simply walk into King’s Landing ! (thought he learned his lesson)
Oh, Eddard Stark, what a horrible way to die…Well, getting killed by orcs is even worse, so don’t QQ too much about it ! 
                          You - THOSE WEREN’T ORCS, THEY WERE URUK-HAI !!!!
                                                                        Shut up, u nerd !
I was actually sad when this happened…Manly tears were shed ! Im glad HBO decided to follow the books though. Wondering what would have happened if they had decided to keep him alive…Meh, he would probably just steal the ring, blame it on Sauron and/or Drogo, and disappear into thin air

DBZ Toys !!!

Its not a toy, its an “Action Figure” ! Thats what i keep telling myself :3

Probably the coolest thing u have EVER seen, right !? RIGHT !? No ? Is it just me ? Sry, I think i have an obsession with Dragonball…Srsly, i need therapy :X

Go check out the figures’ official site here ! The series is called “Dragon Ball Zoukei Tenkaichi Budoukai”. The company allows fans to vote on their favorite figures in a “tournament” to see which ones will be mass produced !!! If u know japanese that is *cough* God, i wish i knew japanese…

MMO : Forsaken World ?

Yeah, a new cinematic trailer for FORSAKEN WORLD came out recently ! How excited are u ? I know im not ! Well, maybe a little bit… 

Lets take a look at it ! Here’s a link

That trailer looked amazing !!! If only the game was as good as its trailer *cough*
Sadly, thats not the case…I played this game recently, and all i can say is that its certainly not bad for a free to play MMO. The leveling process is quite fast, and there are alot of players online. It has a quest tracking system, lots of dungeons, and lots of areas to quest in…Certainly not bad, but nothing special either…Nothing innovative or revolutionary that u havent seen yet. Well, if u are new to the MMORPG genre, then this is your game ! By all means, give it a shot ! But if u’ve played anything similar to WoW before, just forget about it and look elsewhere. (Feel free to prove me wrong)

So what did we learn today ?
Let me paraphrase it : Dont judge a GAME by its cover


Yeah, Tumblr asked me if im human, so i could register…Turns out that i am ! I kinda hoped i was a space pirate zombie or something…Oh well, seems like my mother was lying to me all these years *sad face*

Next step “Write about something u did today!”
I just woke up.

(No srsly, thats it)

Why am i starting a “blog” ? Cuz i feel like it ! I have so many things to say ! And my only listener these days is…ME ! Talking to yourself is bad for your health kids, dont do it…Unless u are rich and famous, then its ok ! We both know that ur not, so dont do it

So what is this blog all about ? U are very curious today aren’t u ?
But mainly about stuff that im interested in…Including Video Games, Chicks, Chicks in Video Games and Video Games with Chicks

Yeah yeah, some news and stuff like that too, jeesh…

So see ya in another post ! Hopefully *happy face*
See, now im happy ! And its all because of u ! Com’ere *hug*
(No, not U…i just hugged myself)

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